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Sept. 21, 2015

The Other Side of El Niño

Kyle Meng

Yesterday, millions of Californians spent the last day of summer at the beach, where unusually high ocean temperatures served as a reminder of the topic that is on everyone's mind: El Niño. With a particularly strong El Niño event predicted this winter, Californians are hoping for abundant rain that will provide at least some relief from the state's record drought.

But there is another side to El Niño, the side that causes everything from deadly floods to cataclysmic drought in nations that are least prepared to deal with the consequences of extreme weather. Bren assistant professor Kyle Meng addresses the subject in an op-ed that appears today in the U.S. edition of The Guardian. In a kind of before-the-storm call to action, Meng lays out various El Niño scenarios and urges governments and aid organizations in the developed world to prepare now to help those who may find themselves on the wrong side of El Niño.

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